Can a Credit Card Improve Your Credit Score?

One of the most effective ways to build or improve your credit score is to have a credit card and make smart choices in how you use the card and pay it off. Paying your credit card bills on time each month, along with maintaining a low balance, will be a huge help in improving your solid credit score. You can start building or improving your credit score with a credit card. Here's how you can improve your score through your credit card-

Ways to Improve Credit with a Credit Card

This is how you can build or improve your credit score with a credit card-

  • Choose a credit card that suits best with your financial habit:

    Before applying for a credit card, you need to do a lot of research. Consider your needs and then compare the terms of cards that cater to those needs. To cross-check and compare credit cards offers, you can take the help of fintech companies' or lenders comparison feature on their portal.

  • Make Sure to Pay your Bills Always on Time:

    Missing a payment is one of the worst things you can do to your credit. Good payment history is essential for future credit approvals and credit limit increases, so make sure to always make at least the minimum payment on your credit card before it’s due.

  • Pay In Full Whenever Possible:

    Paying just the minimum required will keep your account in good standing, but it won’t save you on interest. Paying in full by the due date does, though. And you don’t want to get in the habit of spending more than you can afford to repay.

  • Don’t Overutilize Your Credit Card Limit:

    Your credit utilization ratio is the relationship between how much credit you can use versus how much credit you are using. It's the balance you carry on your credit cards in relation to your credit spending limit across all credit card account. Using more than 30% of your credit limit risks damage to your score. So, don’t spend beyond your means, regardless of what your limit is.

  • Check Your Credit Score & Report Frequently:

    It is important to check your credit score and credit report regularly to make sure that you are on the right path. Checking them regularly will help you to know errors on your report and dispute them, which can help your credit score to improve.

  • Become an Authorized User On Someone Else's Account:

    If you’re too young to get a credit card (less than 18 years old) and you are looking for ways to build your credit, then you can build your credit through a credit card by becoming an authorised user. You can become an authorized user on someone else’s account. That means you will receive a card connected to that person’s account and can make purchases drawing on their credit limit. The account holder is responsible for making payments, but the account information will appear on your credit report too. Being an authorized user won’t help you build credit as quickly as with your own card, but it’s certainly worthwhile.

So, if you own a credit card, make it work for you. Put it to best use to improve or build your credit score.